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Intruders or people who spoil relationships are very common these days. It is not surprising to find a married man or woman admiring your wife or husband yet they have their spouses too. An intruder is a game spoiler who will work to make you appear a loser and you must prevent this by all means. If someone has snatched your wife or husband, do not wet your pillow with tears for centuries. A love spell can be cast to separate the two.

In this piece, we bring you the most dangerous expulsion spell that you may not have ever tried. Today I want to show you how to do a separate your wife or husband from another person trying to snatch him or her away from you. If someone is with your man or woman, the first thing you have to do to get him or her back is to break his or her current relationship with the usurper.

It is a simple love tie spell that can be easily cast from home. You simply need to follow the steps laid down below in order to have it done effectively.

What you need
– Sea or lake water
– Plain piece of paper
– A red pen
– Plastic bottle of water or any beverage bottle
– Olive oil
– A black piece of cloth
– two black candles
What to do
This is a black magic love spell that must be cast with a lot of caution as it has more portent powers that can’t be found in any love spell. It should be cast before 10PM in the glare of the full moon.
• Draw two Solomon seals on the plain piece of paper using the red pen you already have and spit on each of them.
• Write the name of the errant lover between the two seals and spit on it too. If you know the name of the person who is about to or has snatched your wife or husband, write his or her name next to your partner’s name.
• Lay the black piece of cloth on the floor and put the two candles at the sides. After that, light the two candles and visualize your partner in deep meditation having a quarrel with the usurper. You should meditate until you receive a clear vision that the two have separated.
• Fold the piece of paper and cram it into the bottle.
• Pour the water into the bottle, cover it tightly with its lid and anoint with olive oil while saying the following incantation: “I have endured your obstinacy and unfaithfulness. This bottle I anoint with and massage with agony. Just like the paper in this bottle will disintegrate, so will your love affair with that man/woman”
• Tie the bottle with the black piece of cloth and throw it into a lake or river or sea at 2AM on the same night.
Saliva is symbolic of a curse. Sea or lake water carries the portent powers of mermaids and water spirits. A black piece of cloth symbolizes agony and evil, instruments necessary for separation.