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Husbands can sometimes be obstinate and the hardest nuts to crack when it comes to relationship issues. With the current debate that it would be justifiable for a man to have a housewife and a mistress for company, it is generally getting harder for women to enjoy their love relationships. Originally, God himself said man was meant to stay with just one wife so what is making men more of cheats today? There are many answers to that question; but the most paramount answer is lust. A man loves making love to different types and sizes of women.

As a woman, what should you do to keep your man from being snatched? You might say that it all lies square on what you put into his stomach, but that is a blatant no! A man might be tight marked both physically and spiritually. You need spells that can help you control him from going out with sluts out there. In this comprehensive article, we will explain how you can manage him.

Using food: Food is a man’s heart and good food brings him closer to you. But other women out there also have good food, perhaps even better than what you have at home. A woman’s urine as being discovered a potent charm that can forever bind your man only to you. After you have prepared food and ready to serve your man, get out of the house and squat to urinate. You should make sure that you collect THE FIRST DROP of your urine in a tin or cup. Add it to his soup or juice while saying the words “how painful this urine has been to me is the same you will feel when you cheat on me” FULL STOP! You have cast a perfect love spell.

Smoking the African tobacco pipe: Secondly, you can ‘blow the pipe’ which is actually smoking tobacco from the pipe. Blowing the pipe is an African ritual which is a way of communicating to the spirits in order to influence a situation. A tobacco pipe is stuffed with potent herbs or even tobacco itself. As you smoke it, you should say such words as “Peter, I am the only love of your life. You should provide for and think about me only”. That in itself is a magical incantation that won’t let your hubby move an inch.

Tying his manhood: Certain men are like he goats or honey bulls. They always want to jump around on every woman here and there. What is the trick? Take control of their manhood! How do you do it? You need some pubic hair from his genitals, preferably the testicles, his underwear, a bird’s beak (if possible, a cock’s) and a red cloth. Tie all the items together and boil them for several minutes.

When the water in the container has cooled down, smear that same water on your private parts while saying, “This cock’s beak should eat only my seeds, no one will cut the forest where I got him from, may lightning strike him to paralysis when he goes out”. Hide the charms in your waistcloth, or if possible inside your inner wears. The results will be that when he goes out with a woman, his member will be flabby; so he won’t play any sex outside. You will then be in full control. However, if you can’t do it by yourself, contact me.