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The ancient art of Voodoo is a native shamanic tradition of Africa. As legend tells us, it was brought to the New World by slaves and a combination of some rituals from the Western Hemisphere. Voodoo is the belief that the ritual enactment of a desire produces the fulfillment of that desire. Mooring voodoo rituals usually involve attracting and keeping a mate.

In past centuries, white voodoo rituals with moorings were made by voodoo priests or priestesses. However, they are currently made by powerful wizards and sorcerers. They include tie-ups which are very effective in helping a person to seduce another or to get a lover back in his or her life. They also help in keeping love and preventing separation anytime in the course of a relationship.

Tie-ups with white voodoo do not have any risks, but spell seekers should take into account a fundamental requirement: that the person elected to the mooring with voodoo is the right person and someone to whom you have deep and genuine feelings. Do not use tie-up white voodoo with someone you do not want to be with forever. This is because love spells produce energy of incredible love that will last a long time. .

How to do tie-up voodoo
You should know that the most powerful recipe in this type of spell is banana leaves. The following instruction when followed carefully can make a mooring voodoo for the best spell ever:
˚ Write the name of your loved one on the left half of a paper. Write it four times (four is the number of power voodoo).
˚ Now enter your name five times in the other half of the paper.
˚ Light a purple candle and let four drops of wax fall on the paper. Fold paper so that the names are in contact and sealed with wax. Purple is a mixture of red and blue, and represents the union of human blood with the eternity of blue sky.
˚ Tie up the ritual materials in fresh banana leaves.
˚ Now place the “package” on a shallow disposable tray and pour water to cover it all.
˚ Place a red candle on top of the “package” and turn and light it up. When all the wax has melted, desire will definitely begin working in your partner or lover.

This is a very useful spell for those in shaky relationships. You might be having a lover or spouse who is just about to exit from your love life, the best is to tie them up. You shouldn’t be left crying because your partner has gone. You can prevent such an occurrence by performing this ritual that will keep you two people together forever.